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  • about US ASD Rajasthani Foods

    ASD Rajasthani is a hub of top-notch spices that add flavours to food and make it scrumptious. Our vision is to come up as a leading brand in the spice industry by constantly making efforts to put out high-end spices that will change your taste.

  • ASD Rajasthani Foods Team

    We have a handpicked team of connoisseurs who use their skills and wisdom to decide on the combination of seeds to make condiments to enhance your taste buds. Our passion always spurs us on finding new ways to compliment your kitchen with a perfect taste.

Why Choose Us


ASD Rajasthani is India’s largest spice supply company and we are proud to assert that we are streaking ahead of our competitors. Our spices are of premium quality and free from adulteration. Our spices are pure that not only provide a delightful experience to you but also help you maintain your health. A pinch of our spices can make a boring food luscious. Our all spices are made with pure ingredients under the strict supervision of professionals. This is what makes us stand out among our competitors.

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Less Consumption

Since our condiments are not adulterated with other poor ingredients, you don’t need to consume them as much as other spices. It’s purity that whittles down the consumption of our spices by 20% as compared to other spices.

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Ultra Fine Grinding

Apart from purity, you will find perfect texture in our spices. We use high-end grinders to grind spices to have even granules.

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Unadulterated Spices

We don’t foul the quality of our spices by adding contaminants, nor we support any activity that requires manipulation with ingredients to earn money. We strictly condemn these stratagems.

No Artificial Colour Added

Our spices don’t take in artificial colour and ingredients. When you pop our spices in your food, they will get dissolved evenly without leaving any lump and giving off an artificial colour.

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24x7 Support

We provide 24x7 services. If you have any query, contact us; we will get back to you soon.

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Hygienically Packed

We use advanced packing machines to put spices in boxes. Air-tight bags are used in packaging to keep spices moisture-free.


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We don’t compromise with quality. We are certified from the following standard authorities.

  • ISO Certified - Spices Manufacturer
    ISO 22000

  • MSME Certified - Spices Manufacturer

  • Fssai certified - Spices Manufacturer

  • Spices Board India certified - Spices Manufacturer

  • Import & Export of Spices Manufacturer
    Import and Export

  • Import & Export of Spices Manufacturer

  • Import & Export of Spices Manufacturer

  • Import & Export of Spices Manufacturer

  • Import & Export of Spices Manufacturer

Our Spices

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To give off irresistible aroma and make your food delish.

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