Longi Mirch

Longi Mirch Powder

ASD Rajasthani Foods has been manufacturing high-end spices for several years now. The company has carved a niche for itself owing to its high attention to quality, flavour and hand-picked spices. We intend to become a leading manufacturer of longi Mirch Powder (chilli powder).

We envision to provide the best flavours to enhance the taste buds of our customers. In this endeavor, we have introduced a cold processing method for manufacturing of Longi Mirch Powder. We use modern appliances to extract unwanted particles so that we can deliver high-quality Longi Mirch Powder.

Longi Mirch Powder is used in food items, Namkeens & Snacks and other edible items. We promise to deliver the desired quality and have met all standards set by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). Our Longi Mirch Powder also has a high demand among various companies manufacturing Namkeens and snacks items.

  • Our Longi Mirch Powder is not adulterated, which provides it with intense flavour and taste.
  • Our Longi Mirch Powder is derived out of the hottest chillies in the world.
  • Our longi Mirch Powder keeps edible items fresh for longer time.
  • The use of high-end filtration process helps maintain high-level food quality
  • It is salubrious and easily digestible as it doesn’t contain any artificial filler.

The History of Longi Mirchi

The story of longi Mirch started from North East regions of India in 20th century. Long pepper is a flowering vine which is cultivated for its fruit known as dried long pepper catkins to manufacture chilli powder. Its taste is similar but hotter than the powder obtained from its other close-relative spice species.

Longi Mirch was discovered by a passionate food lover who decided to conduct an experiment with its taste and flavour, and surprisingly the trial went incredibly successful. Thereafter started the era of success and fame of longi Mirch all across the nation. Having realised the powerful effect of chilli powder, we have started manufacturing the powder from fruits of long pepper to enhance spice flavours and eventually the taste of edible items. Conventional methods of grinding the grain for manufacturing of powder have not been so successful because of various factors such as lack of purity, elemental and compositional depletion, loss of natural flavours and aroma.

Considering these limitations, the founder of longi mirch tried to think of finding innovative ways to manufacture this incredible spice. No one can actually think of preparing food without this quintessential spice added to it! Being a tycoon in manufacturing spices, our respectable founder soon came across an innovative method to produce chilli powder. Our very favourite, cold process spice grinding technology has ever since, changed the way spices are ground in our factories. It is a well-applauded technique all across India for its high quality maintained throughout the process of processing the spices.

Cold processing grinding technology supports a multi-stage process to deliver high-end chilli powder. It protects the ingredients from a change of taste and makes sure that no dust, sand and dirt particles are dissipated.

ASD Rajasthani Foods has become a leading champion in using the cold processing grinding technology and is delivering happiness across Indian kitchens. It renders colourless, flavourful and hottest chilli powder so that you can enjoy your food like never before. So add that flavourful spice to your favourite Biryani, Parantha, veggies, marinades, sauces, dips, soups and practically anything to give it a taste worth experiencing!

The processing of Longi Mirch Powder

We assure the collection of best quality mature fruit of Longi Mirch From Noth East Region of India. Every single grain is hand picked by our farmers who know the chilli as a regular household spice being natives. The collected chilli is cleaned rigorously to get rid of any dirt or germ particles and then dried before it is churned into powder. The process of deriving powder form out of the chilli fruit, begins by first crushing it using high-end, modern machines using cold processing technology.

The machines or devices are manufactured carefully keeping in mind the need to maintain the natural aroma and quality of the product. A final round of checkup is carried out by the Quality control department of the product. After getting the clearance from the quality control department, it moves for packaging. To deliver it across boundaries while keeping its aroma, colour, flavour and quality intact, Longi Mirch powder is packed in high-quality packing material specially designed for the product.

So that extra spice and tinge of hotness in your recipe involves a whole lot of processes going on while you savour the exquisite flavour of our Longi Mirch!

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